High Peak Club

Well it is a few years since I joined the club in my first year. Below are a collection of photos over the years. They are in reverse chronological order...and just to make it easier I'll give you a contents table.

Lakes Weekend, March 2003 Christmas meal 2001, Rutland Hotel
Day Walk on Kinder, Feb 2003 Northumberland Weekend, December 2001
Scotland Feb 2003 Weasling 2001
Christmas Meal 2002, Cutlers Hotel Scotland February 2001
Xmas Pop Tarts, 2002 Christmas Meal 2000
Wales Weekend , November 2002 Lakes Weekend, December 2000
End of Term June 2002 Fancy Dress Party, November 2000
Lakes Camping May 2002  
Scotland 2002, some time in February Wales Weekend, October 2000

There are even more photos and information about the club on their web page which is: www.shef.ac.uk/~hpc

Lakes Weekend, March 2003

Bit quick! the photos are still in the camera.

Day Walk on Kinder, Feb 2003

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Scotland Feb 2003

The five of us trooped up Bynack More, sorry the 'Fast and Light' Photo isn't here!!

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Christmas Meal 2002, Cutlers Hotel


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Xmas Pop Tarts, 2002

Like those Ear rings Tom and Martin?

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Wales Weekend , November 2002

I think these photos are taken of Tryffan but don't hold me to it! Stayed in Coet Moor Mill Hut, great hut with all those alpine style bunks.

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End of Term June 2002

The end of term bash was a barbeque at the Cobden View (with alcohol) followed by FAB at the Leadmill!

Lakes Camping, May 2002

Camping in Borrowdale, great weather for a Bank Holiday week end! Photos taken from the summit of something, there was quite a scramble up there though.

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Scotland 2002, some time in February

Weather not quite up to last years standard!

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Christmas meal 2001, Rutland Hotel

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Foot and Mouth

The photos now jump back a bit as Foot and Mouth virtually put a stop to all outdoor activities for a while.

Northumberland Weekend, December 2001

Went up Cheviot on the Saturday followed by Windy Gyle on the Sunday. Great week end with only 9 of us going, Not often you get cooked breakfast on a week end away. The weather was a little mixed as you can see.

On way to Cheviot Top of Cheviot
Looking at Windy Gyle On Windy Gyle

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Weasling 2001

A cold november day spent squeezing through the smallest possible gaps.

Felicity Chris G

Freshers Walk 2001

A glorious day in September full of Whats your name, where do you come from and what course are you doing? Full marks if you can correctly associate the person, name and course together!

Antics from Ed and Dan

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Scotland February 2001

The weather was exceptional, what more could you want to learn all about winter mountaineering?

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Christmas Meal 2000

There was one, I remember it well but can't find any pictures. Oh Well

Lakes Weekend, December 2000.

Early christmas party. Stayed in Dunmaille Raise Hut, near Grasmere. Most memorable thing that the toilets didn't work but that fault has been rectified since.

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Fancy Dress Party, November 2000

If you'd wondered why Rosie calls me The Cat In The Hat, the answer is below:

Wales Weekend, October 2000

My first ever club week end away! In Chamois hut, it couldn't have been too bad as I'm still around now. It was really good fun!

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